SIS/Building Your Schedule of Classes - Add a New Topic


When a topics course needs a new topic offering, you can add the topic using the steps below.

Step 1 

From Home, select: Curric & Enroll Rep WorkCenter, Add Course Topics. The Find page will display.

Tip: Menu navigation: > Curriculum Management > Schedule of Classes > Add Course Topics.

Step 2 

Use the Find page to locate the desired topics course.

Tip:  If you search by Subject Area only, just active topic courses display for that subject.

Step 3 

Select |Add Course Topics| tab.

Step 4 

If your course has multiple Effective Dated rows, view the row with the Effective Date/term to which you want to add a topic.

Tip: If you change the current dated (highest row number) row, the future dated row(s) will automatically update as well.

Step 5 

If you need to add a new topic, select the last [+] Add button. A new row will display with blank Description and Formal Description fields.

Step 6 

Type in the Description  and Formal Description.

Step 7 

Select [Save].

Step 8 

Attach the Topic to your course section(s) for the desired term using: > Curriculum Management > Schedule of Classes > Maintain Schedule of Classes on the |Basic Data| page tab. The topic you just added will now display for appropriate terms on the Maintain Schedule of Classes Basic Data tab in the lookup for Course Topic ID.