SIS/Building Your Schedule of Classes - Maintain Schedule of Classes: Exam Tab


This document outlines how to view final exam information in SIS.

The Exam tab of Maintain Schedule of Classes displays final exam information and is for inquiry only. Final exam codes and dates/times will be established shortly before the Schedule of Classes is published. Final exam Facility ID will be populated several weeks before final exams.

Final exams for fall and spring semesters are assigned in accordance with the Summary Period for Academic Semester policy. Summer Term final exam dates/times are not assigned in SIS; summer finals should be administered in line with the Summer Term Exams policy.

How to Access/View Final Exam Information

Curricular Representatives cannot update final exam information, it is “view only.” Contact the final exam specialist in Curricular Services if the exam needs updating or is not needed.

Step 1 


Step 2

Use the Find page to locate the desired course. Search by Term and Subject Area to view a list of all scheduled courses, or search by Term, Subject Area, and Catalog Nbr to find a specific course.

Step 3

Select Exam page tab.

Exam tab view only

Note: The exam Facility ID(s) will only display text several weeks before the Exam Date, after classrooms are assigned for finals. Classes may be assigned multiple classrooms, as room assignments for finals allow an empty seat between students.