SIS/Building Your Schedule of Classes - Maintain Schedule of Classes: Exam Tab


This document outlines how to access or view final exam information in SIS.

The Exam displays the final exam information and is for inquiry only. Use this page to determine the date and time of a final exam. Final exam codes and dates will be established shortly before the Schedule of Classes is published. Facility ID is populated about one month prior to final exam week.

How to Access/View Final Exam Information

Reps cannot update final exam information, it is “view only.” Contact Brittany Elandt in Curricular Services if the exam needs updating or is not needed.

Step 1 


Step 2

Use the Find page to locate the course. Search by: Term, Subject Area, Catalog Nbr

Step 3

Select |Exam| page tab.

Note: The exam location displays about one month prior to the Exam Date.