SIS/Building Your Schedule of Classes - Scheduling a New Course


This document outlines how to schedule a new course.

At the beginning of a term build, during Initial Call (or Summer Call), every course that will be offered should be included in the Schedule of Classes. Maintain Schedule of Classes will show you classes that were term rolled from the prior like term. In SIS, when you navigate to Schedule New Course and search for your subject, this will show you everything that your department could teach, i.e., courses that are active in the course catalog for the term in question. If you are in Maintain Schedule of Classes and don’t see a course listed that your department plans to teach, you will need to schedule it as a new one.

Step 1 

From Home, select: Curric & Enroll Rep WorkCenter, Schedule New Course. The Find page will display.

Tip: Menu Navigation: > Curriculum Management > Schedule of Classes > Schedule New Course

Step 2 

Use the Find page to locate the course. Search by: Term and Subject Area to view a list of all available courses and select the course from the list, or search by Term, Subject Area, and Catalog Nbr directly. 

Step 3

Update the tabs with the necessary data- this will look exactly the same as Maintain Schedule of Classes. This will display section 1 of 1; you should update this section directly. Do not click the + button to add a new section, unless you will be adding additional sections to the course. 

The image below shows the highlighted fields that must be updated when scheduling a new course. Add a course topic and/or attribute if needed. See also: Course/Class Attributes.