Wheel of Privilege and Power

Graphic that represents the wheel of privilege and power

wheel of priviledge and power
Adapted from James  R Vanderwoerd ("Web of Oppression"), and Sylvia Duckworth ("Wheel of Power/Privilege")

In the center is the word “power”, and on the outside of the wheel is the word “marginalised”. The categories are:

  • Body size, with large on the margins, and slim in the center; 
  • Mental health, with vulnerable on the margins and robust in the center;
  • Neurodiversity, with significant neurodivergence on the margins, and neurotypical in the center; 
  • Sexuality with lesbian, bi, pan, and asexual on the margins, and heterosexual in the center;
  • Ability with a significant disability on the margins, and able-bodied in the center; 
  • Formal education with elementary education on the margins and post-secondary in the center;
  • Skin color with dark on the margins, and white in the center;
  • Citizenship with undocumented on the margins, and citizens in the center;
  • Gender with trans, intersex, and non-binary on the margins and cisgender in the center;
  • Language with non-English monolingual on the margins and English in the center;
  • Wealth with poor on the margins and rich in the center;
  • Housing with homeless on the margins and owning property in the center.

Note: This graphic is not intended to capture all areas of marginalization. The intent is to provide a framework to view power and privilege. As you identify additional areas of marginalization, take time to reflect on how you might represent that within the model.