Submitting Program Changes for L&S Mid-Cycle Guide Update

Mid-Cycle Guide updates (for Spring publication) are limited to correction of errors or clarifications that will have a substantial effect on students’ abilities to complete requirements.

Most edits need to wait until the annual update call for the Fall 2023 Guide.

Examples of mid-cycle updates:

Other changes must wait for the Fall Guide cycle. 

How to submit changes for mid-cycle governed content:

(How to Get In, Requirements, Learning Outcomes, or four- and three-year plans)

Fill out the Lumen Programs Form to submit changes. Please make sure your edits align with the L&S style guidelines: L&S Lumen/Guide Policy & Style Guidelines for Undergraduate Programs

Once approved, L&S AIM will ensure that DARS is updated accordingly (if applicable) for undergraduate programs.

If your proposed change encompasses more than what is described in this document, please plan on submitting a Lumen Program Proposal for Fall 2023 edits. L&S Academic Planning and AIM staff are available for questions and consultation.

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