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Engage online students by delivering and sharing results of polls and quizzes created within the Zoom video conferencing tool.

Zoom Polls & Quizzes


Zoom polls and quizzes are created directly within the Zoom platform to allow a meeting host, co-host, or alternative host to gather information from and share information with meeting participants to increase student engagement. Polls and quizzes may be created prior to (recommended) or during a Zoom meeting and reused in future meetings.  Standard polls contain only single choice and multiple choice question types. Advanced polls contain six additional question types, allow uploaded images, and have the option to set correct responses for each question, turning an advanced poll into an advanced quiz. 


To utilize the Zoom polls and quizzes feature, access the Zoom web portal via  Log in to Zoom with your UWNet ID and password. Do not use the Canvas-Zoom integration for this process as it has less functionality. 

Enable Zoom polls and quizzes

Use the Zoom web portal to navigate to Settings. Under the Meeting tab, scroll down to or click on In Meeting (Basic) to jump to the In Meeting (Basic) settings. 

Picture showing location of Zoom meeting settings

Within the In Meeting (Basic) settings section, scroll down and locate Meeting Polls/Quizzes. Toggle the switch to "on."

Image of toggle switch to enable Zoom polls and quizzes.

The following settings are optional but recommended.

1️⃣ Check this box to allow the host to create advanced polls and quizzes. If this box is not checked the meeting host will be able to create standard polls (not quizzes) with single choice or multiple choice questions only. Advanced polls and quizzes offer more question types and the option to set correct answers for the quizzes you create.

2️⃣ Check this box if you would like the option to upload an image into poll or quiz questions. Uploaded images must be either a JPEG or PNG with a maximum size of 2 MB.

3️⃣ Check this box to allow an alternative host to add, edit, or download polls and quizzes during a meeting. 

After making any changes to these settings, click Save. 

See also Enabling Polling for Meetings (Zoom support)

Application and Limitations

Zoom polls and quizzes are used to engage learners and increase active online learning. Zoom polls allow instructors to capture and share information with students, creating the opportunity to build community for remote learners. Zoom quizzes offer instant feedback to instructors and learners about submitted student responses. 

Zoom client version requirements:

Table providing the Zoom client version requirement for different polling features.
Feature Zoom Client Version Requirement
Allow host to add polls before or during a meeting 3.5.63382.0829 or later
Allow host to create advanced polls and quizzes Users below version 5.8.3 will not be able to view or participate in advanced polls
Allow host to upload image for each question 5.8.3 or later
Allow alternative host to add or edit polls and quizzes Zoom client version 5.8.0 or later and Android client version 5.8.3 or later

Avoid these Pitfalls

Image of Zoom Polls/Quizzes tab

If this tab is not visible, the polls/quizzes feature is not enabled. If only the word Polls appears here, only standard polls (not advanced polls/quizzes) are enabled. 

Polls/Quizzes tab

3. If no polls/quizzes appear in this list, none will be available after the meeting has started. To avoid this, choose any one of the following:

Poll and Quizzes Best Practices


Getting Started

UW-Madison Zoom - Getting Started

How-To Resources

Table listing information that can be found on polling and advanced polling Zoom support websites.
Polling for meetings (standard polls) Advanced polling and quizzing for meetings
  • prerequisites for polling for meetings
  • limitations of meeting polling
  • how to add poll questions for a meeting
  • how to use the Poll/Quizzes library
  • how to launch a poll in a meeting
  • prerequisites for advanced polling and quizzes for meetings
  • limitations for advanced polling
  • how to create an advanced poll
  • how to create a quiz
  • how to use the Polls/Quizzes library
  • how to launch a poll or quiz

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