Blended Course Map: FIN 420 – Investment Banking and Capital Markets

Blended Learning

This blended course map was created by a participant of the Blend@UW Course Design Series. It represents an example of how activities could be designed for one unit of a course to achieve the course and unit outcomes.

Example of a blended course map from FIN 420 – Investment Banking and Capital Markets

Name: Marisa Palmer
SCID: Wisconsin School of Business
Department: Finance
Course Name: FIN 420 - Investment Banking and Capital Markets

Supported Program Outcomes:

Course Objectives:

Course Units:

Unit Being Redesigned:
Unit 6: Trading Comparables (Comps)

Unit Objectives:

Activity Map
Pre-Class Activities In-Class Activities Post-Class Activities

Pre-Class 1

  • Read Chapter 1: “Comparable Companies Analysis” Investment Banking, Rosenbaum and Pearl
  • View video lecture
  • Self-assessment

Pre-Class 2

  • View video lecture
  • Self-assessment

In Class 1

  • Check-in from self assessment
  • Small Group Activity: Constructing a set of trading comps
  • Partner Activity: Calculating the Components of Trading Comps
  • Calculate P/E Multiple
  • Calculate EV Multiple
  • Calculate LTM Multiple

In Class 2

  • Calculate Forward Multiple
  • Check-in from self-assessment
  • Class discussion
  • Group Activity: Build a comp set for Case Company (Chipotle Mexican Grill)
  • Report Out

Post-Class 1

  • NA

Post-Class 2

  • Submit Completed Comp Set & Valuation for Chipotle Mexican Grill