WiscChat - Configuring iChat / Apple Messages

This document provides instructions for the configuration of iChat for use with WiscChat.

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First time Configuration for Mac OS X 10.8 and above

  1. Open Messages and click on Not Now at the welcome window. When a small window pops up to verify this, confirm by pressing skip


  2. In the account Setup window, enter your account information.


  3. Once you click continue, there should be one additional window that appears saying "Messages cannot verify the identity of 'wisc.edu'". Simply press Continue to allow Messages to connect.


First time configuration for Mac OS X 10.7 and Earlier

  1. Open iChat and click on Continue at the welcome window.


  2. In the account setup window, enter your account information.


  3. At the conclusion window, click Done. iChat should now be properly setup for WiscChat.


iChat/Messages has already been configured with another account

This series of steps is for both Messages and iChat. The process of adding an account on Messages is the exact same as iChat with the exception of a slightly different looking "accounts" icon, which is conveniently still located in the exact same place. Please follow these instructions for both iChat and Messages.

  1. Open iChat, and then click on the iChat menu and then on Preferences.


  2. Click on Accounts and then click on the + in the lower left hand corner.


  3. In the account setup window, enter your account information.


  4. iChat should now be configured to use WiscChat.

Connect to WiscChat account

  1. After you have configured iChat for your WiscChat account, change your WiscChat status to 'Online' to connect.

  2. If you receive a certificate error, please use the steps outlined within the following doc: WiscChat - Certificate error during connection for iChat / Apple Messages to correct this issue.

  3. If you do not trust the WiscMail certificate, you will be presented with the following error:

    security warning error

    iChat is considering the certificate authorization problem to mean "Non-secure"; it is not using that term in an encryption context.

    Note: the connection is inherently encrypted using TLS (or commonly referred to as STARTTLS) on port 5222. The security negotiation happens after the connection has been established, and WiscChat will not allow data to be sent until the connection is encrypted. Port 5223 is used for legacy SSL (the precursor to TLS) socket connections where the client connects securely directly (kind of like https.) WiscChat supports both types of connections.

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