Canvas Templates

Templates you can use to develop your hybrid/blended course

A large part of course development is the way in which activities will be organized and presented to students. Unfortunately, Canvas courses do not come with any templates or structures that help with this process. Optional templates have been created  for instructors to utilize in their course. The following items are included:

You can download and import the template course directly into any Canvas course. Select the specific content you want or import all the content and delete what you do not want once it is in your course.

Importing templates into Canvas

To employ these templates within your course, you will need to download them to your computer and upload them into your Canvas course.

Using templates within Canvas

After importing the templates, go to Modules. Find the module titled, Using the templates. The templates provide a starting point for your course development in Canvas. You’ll need to customize each of the templates to meet your needs. Below are a few important considerations.