Instructor considerations in delivering hybrid courses

Things instructors should consider while teaching their blended/hybrid course

Important issues to address

The following advice builds on the research by Zane Berge on instructor roles in online courses. 

Social roles

Social roles

Pedagogical roles

Managerial roles

Warning signs

As course delivery models and expectations have changed dramatically, it is important to be aware of signs that might reveal problems students are having in your course. Let your students know that  you are watching for the following behaviors and provide guidance for what they can do if they find themselves in these situations:

Students are not contributing to conversations or activities.

With all that is going on, it might be hard to keep track of the contribution levels of every student. In this first week, however, let students know that you are checking participation levels as a sign that students are able to participate, complete, and succeed in activities you have planned.

Student participation drops off.

You might find that students start the week at acceptable levels but participation starts to drop off as the week goes on. This could be a sign that students are experiencing pedagogical/technical challenges that they don’t know how to address. Consider providing a quick check-in with students (Thumbs Up / Thumbs Down) periodically.

Student performance drops off.

You have had to alter the way in which you support students learning. As you ask students to demonstrate learning in this new environment, you may find students are performing at different levels than you expected. Let students know that you will be monitoring activities for overall performance and will make changes if necessary.

Student support resources

Technical Resources

Student Success

Health and Well-Being


Berge, Zane. (1995). “The Role of the Online Instructor/Facilitator: Recommendations from the Field.”Educational Technology,35(1): 22-30.