Remington - 4315 Copier Installation Instructions to Enable Print From Personal Windows Laptops.

Setup instructions for the Ricoh copier in the 4315 suite for Windows computers.

Note: you MUST be on the LAW wireless network OR be connected to VPN for the instructions below to work properly.

Step 1. Download the PPD file from the manufacturer: 

The 4315 side of the Remington center has a Ricoh 2555 Copier - you can download the Windows print drivers by clicking HERE.

Step 2. Extract the Drivers

Double click on the "r97160L1a.exe" file and extract the files. NOTE THE EXTRACTION DIRECTORY.  (The default extraction directory is C:\temp\r97160L1a

Step 3. Setup the Printer

Congrats, you've set up the driver for your Laptop to print to the copier in 4315!