Building clinical judgement in Active Learning Classrooms

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Active Learning Classroom (ALC) activities that support clinical judgement

These resources present guidance on ways of facilitating clinical judgement within a large active learning classrooms on campus. These resources are organized around four types of learning activities that support:

Active Learning Approaches for Clinical Judgement
Critical Thinking
Prior Knowledge
Categorizing Grid Round Robin Background Knowledge Probe Case Studies
Content, Form, & Function Think/Pair/Share Focused Listing Send-A-Problem
Defining Features Matrix Structured Problem-Solving
Pro and Con Grid Think-Aloud Pair Problem-Solving


These activities are taken from the books Classroom Assessment Techniques: A Handbook For College Teachers by Thomas Angelo and K. Patricia Cross, and Collaborative Learning Techniques: A Handbook For College Faculty by Elizabeth F. Barkley, Claire Howell Major, and K. Patricia Cross — present activities you can use to address specific learning outcomes. Each approach includes a basic description and overview of its outcomes, along with steps to guide its use in your course. Each technique in this resource was selected based on three criteria: ease of design, ease of implementation, and time needed to respond to activity.