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In April 2006, following a $29 million investment to increase the energy efficiency of the campus facilities, UW-Madison initiated an aggressive program to strengthen its environmental stewardship programs and to promote education and motivation to the community on this serious matter. We Conserve, an environmental stewardship program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, pledge in 2006 to reduce campus energy use and environmental footprint by 20 percent by 2010 and had reduced it by 25 percent by January of 2011.

The reductions and savings achieved by We Conserve include:
  • energy use: 1.2 trillion BTUs annually
  • carbon dioxide emissions: 125,000 metric tons annually
  • water use: 178,000,000 gallons annually
  • waste deposits: 1,000 tons of landfill waste annually
  • diesel fuel: 10,000 gallons annually
  • utility costs: $13 million annually

Program Goals & Strategy
  • To instill the spirit of environmental stewardship in the community's consciousness
  • To reduce campus energy consumption and environmental footprint by 20 percent by year 2010, which it well surpassed

Goals will be achieved by concentrating efforts in the following areas: efficient systems, realistic expectations, informed people, and responsible actions.