Telephone Activity Reports - Appearance of Names on Your Telephone Activity Report

The system that hosts the current version of the monthly Telephone Activity Report (TAR) is being retired and access to this system will end June 30, 2020. Old reports cannot be moved to the new system and old reports will no longer be available as of June 30, 2020. Please download any reports that you would like to keep. ( If you no longer need access to the TAR, please fill out this form ( Information on the new system will be forthcoming.

This document explains how to change how names appear on the Telephone Activity Report (TAR).

Changing Names Associated with Telephone Numbers on TAR

People who are authorized to order changes to phone lines are also authorized to maintain the name associated with those same lines on their TAR report (if desired). Click here for a list of authorized users for voice orders obtained by phone number or funding string. If you are an authorized user for voice orders see below for instructions to change names. Please note that changing the name here only reflects how the name appears on the report not who the line is assigned to. To change ownership of the line for Cisco VoIP account, please see Cisco VoIP Request Forms

Additional Notes