Doodle - Responding to an event poll

In order to respond to an event poll created via Doodle, you need the Participation link provided to you by the event poll's creator. This document explains how to respond to such a poll.

The Division of Information Technology has licensed Doodle, an online scheduling service to supplement Office 365 calendaring, for use by the campus community.

The DoIT Help Desk provides best effort support for Doodle only. This includes requests for adding additional * domains to the Doodle account. For other help with Doodle, please see the Doodle Help and Support page, or use their Contact Form for further assistance.

UW-Madison Doodle can accessed at For information on creating an account in UW-Madison Doodle, please see Doodle - Create and log in to your UW-Madison Doodle Account.

Responding to a poll

To respond to a Doodle event scheduling poll, you must do the following:

  1. Follow the Participation link which was sent to you by the event poll's creator
  2. Once you've opened this link, you should see a poll similar to what is shown below

    The participant poll is shown with a place for the participant to enter their name and select their availability

  3. Enter your name in the field highlighted above
  4. Check or select your availability
  5. Click Save to submit your response

Viewing a poll's responses

If the poll has not been made hidden by its creator, then you will be able to view the poll's responses by simply following the Participant link. When responses have been added, you will see a view similar to that shown below.


Additional functions

Depending on the settings chosen by the poll creator, you may be able to do additional things: