Namecoach - Add NameBadge to Email Signature [UW-Madison]

This document explains how you can add a Namecoach recording of your name to your email signature.
  1. Log into the Namecoach website
  2. From the Home page, select My NameBadge from the menu at the top of the page.
    Select the "my namebadge" button: positioned between Log and Dashboard
  3. If this is your first time accessing NameBadge, you will have to Record Your Name.
    Select the "Record Your Name" button
    1. If you need to re-record your name, select Update under your name.
      You will see an "update" button if you already have a recording
    2. See the steps below if you need help recording your name:


      1. When you select phone on the Edit your Name Recording page, you can put in your phone number. Only the digits are needed starting with the area code. 
        Screenshot shows field where you can enter your phone number
      2. Once a valid number is put in, a new button will appear that says Call me now!
        Phone number field from previous step. Field turns green when you enter a valid number, and displays a "call me now!" button.
      3. Follow the prompts on the phone.
        While you're on the phone, Namecoach shows a message "call is connected - please follow the voice prompts to record your name", with a yellow "Cancel" button beside
      4. When completed, make sure you press Submit and Finish at the bottom.
        Image of Submit and Finish button

      Web Recorder

      1. Web recorder allows you to record your name using your computer and web browser. To start the process, click the Record button.
        Screenshot of "edit your name" window with "web recorder" selected. A purple "record" button appears with a microphone icon.
        Note: You may have to give the website access to your microphone. If the below message appears in the top left of your browser, click Allow.
        Select the lock icon beside your browser's search bar to allow Namecoach to use your microphone
      2. Once you have clicked Record, a countdown will start, starting at 3.
        Purple record button with countdown initiated
      3. The recording will then start and you can then state your name. Once done, click the Stop Square button.
        Image of recording in progress, with the "stop" button circled
      4. You will now be able to review your recording by hitting the play button.
        Once you stop recording, the window shows a Play and Record Again button in place of the stop button
      5. If you are not happy with the recording, hit record again, and then Record when you are ready.
      6. When completed, make sure you press Submit and Finish at the bottom.
        image of Submit and Finish button


      1. The uploader feature allows you to upload a file created through some other recording software to be uploaded to NameCoach.
        Image of edit recording page with Uploader selected. There is a purple "browse for file" button below, or you can drag a file to the box below the word "uploader"
      2. When completed, make sure you press Submit and Finish at the bottom.
        image of purple Submit and Finish button
  4. Next, select Add NameBadge to your Email Signature
    "Add namebadge to your email signature" is shown beside the "publish your namebadge" message
  5. Select one of the styles you would like to use in your email signature. There are previews on the right side. Then select the button to copy the needed information for that style.
    Several Namebadge styles are shown: Button Without Text, Button With Text, and Namebadge Link
  6. Paste the style into your email signature.

If you need help accessing your signature, please see Microsoft 365 (Outlook on the web | Outlook for Windows/MacOS) - Add an email signature

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