WiscChat (Web) - Configuring a Chat Room

There are many options which can be set for a chat room. This document provides steps in configuring chat rooms within WiscChat web client.

Only creators and administrators of a chat room have access to configure a chat room. To view/change configuration options and member settings, do the following: room member settings | room configuration settings

room member settings

  1. Within the chat room window, select the member action you wish to perform from the 'Modify List' select box.

    room configuration modify list option

  2. Within the Affiliations tab, you can assign the following:

    Users who cannot speak within the room, they can only view the conversation between other members.
    Users who cannot join the chat room.
    For a members-only chat room, only users in this list can join the chat room. Users can also be added to the member list by an invitation. If you would like to restrict a members-only room to a particular WiscChat-enabled domain, add "domain.wisc.edu" to the Members list.
    A moderator is the most powerful occupant within the context of the room; a moderator has all the rights of a participant and can also to some extent manage other occupants' roles in the room.
    Users who can administer the chat room. They are able to make configuration changes to the chat room. Note: Administrators cannot add other administrators to the room.
    They have all the same rights as administrators and also the ability to add additional administrators to the room.

room configuration settings

  1. Within the chat room window, click on the Config button.

    room configuration screen

    you can assign the following:

    Room Title
    This title will be displayed under the Chatrooms section within the 'Service Discovery' screen.
    Make room persistent
    The room will continue to exist even after all the users have left the room.
    Make room public searchable
    If checked, the room will be listed within the 'Service Discovery' screen, under the Chatrooms section. Note: If a room is made public, all WiscChat users, regardless of domain, will see this room within Service Discovery but may not be able to enter the room depending upon their access credentials.
    Make participants list public
    If checked, the participants of the room will be listed within the 'Service Discovery' screen, under the Chatrooms section.
    Make room password protected
    Users will be prompted to enter a password when they attempt to join the room.
    see above
    Maximum Number of Occupants
    You have the option to limit the number of participants within a room.
    Present real JIDs to
    By default, only moderators can see the JID of the participants. Participants will only see the nick name of other participants.
    Make room members-only
    Only members of a room are allowed to join the room.
    Default users as participants
    By default, users who join the room will join as participants. If unchecked, users will join as visitors, which only allows them to view the chat room content, and cannot chat within the room.
    Allow users to change subject
    This will allow users to change the Topic heading of the chat room.
    Allow users to send private messages
    Allows users to chat directly with other members of the chat room by selecting them from the members list.
    Allow users to query other users
    If unchecked, users will not be allowed to get user VCard information, via the 'User Info' sub-menu selection.
    Allow user to send invites
    Allows users to invite others to the chat room.
    Allow visitors to send status text in prescence updates
    If disallowed, the status text is stripped before broadcasting the presence update to all the room occupants.
    Allow visitors to change nickname
    If unchecked, users will not be able to change their nickname within the room.
    Destroy Room
    This button will delete the chat room from the system.

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