How to Find Your MAC Address

How to find your computer's MAC address

IP addresses are assigned by a match to a unique identifier in each computer, called MAC address, Physical address, hardware address, or ethernet address. In order to assign an IP address for your computer, we need this identifier. Here's how to find it on the most common operating systems.

On a Windows machine

  1. Go to Start->Run and type in cmd. (In Windows 10 you can type "cmd" in the "Search the web and Windows" box)
  2. In the black screen (command prompt window) that pops up, type ipconfig /all.
  3. Your computer should then list a bunch of information, including "Physical Address: ..... 00-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx". This is your MAC address.

On a Mac with OSX

  1. Select Network under System Preferences (/Applications/System Preferences).
  2. Select Built-in Ethernet from the drop down list next to the word Show.
  3. Click the Ethernet tab, which will show the computer's mac address (Ethernet ID).

On a Linux Machine

  1. Open up a Terminal or Command Shell screen.
  2. Enter the command su -c /sbin/ifconfig from your root directory.
  3. The MAC should be listed under your ethernet device (probably eth0) next to HWaddr.

If you have more than one choice, be sure you don't give us the wireless address, as that talks to a different network and won't get an IP address that works when you use the network cable.