My UW System Portal - Service Description

This document gives an overview of My UW System.


My UW System provides faculty, staff and student employees with an easy-to-use, secure gateway to online information. More than just another Web site, My UW System offers personalized, customizable and convenient access to important information.

Employees within the UW System with an active local username and password can access My UW System from any computer, whether on-campus or off-campus. If you do not have a valid username and believe you should, please see this document: My UW System Portal - Eligibility.

Notable features of My UW System include:

Support Conditions

Support is provided to users who meet the following conditions:


My UW System is available to all faculty, staff and student employees with a valid username and password. Access may be extended to two years beyond appointment depending on your local campus policy. My UW System can be accessed at