2factor VPN - Common problems

2factor VPN is generally a robust VPN service. However, there are a few known issues which users may encounter.

This document relates to the 2factor (OCIS) VPN service which is provided by the Office of Cybersecurity for users who need VPN access for interacting with highly sensitive data. It should not be confused with the more general WiscVPN service, which is available to all UW-Madison students, faculty, and staff with a valid NetID.

Unable to connect to 2factor VPN if not already logged into Wireless UWNet

Unlike WiscVPN, 2factor VPN does not currently bypass authentication for Wireless UWNet. This means that 2factor VPN users who are connected to Wireless UWNet must authenticate via the Wireless UWNet login page before attempting to connect to the 2factor VPN service.

Connection problems when using a proxy

Some users have reported trouble accessing websites when connected to 2factor VPN. In at least one case, the problem was caused by a proxy which had been setup in the user's web browser. If you encounter problems accessing websites after connecting via 2factor VPN, verify their internet connection is working and that they are connected to 2factor VPN correctly. If everything appears to be connected properly, check the browser to make sure that a proxy isn't setup. If it is, disable it temporarily.

Redirected to prompt for username and password

If a user is redirected to a prompt asking for username and password when attempting to access https://2factor.services.wisc.edu, it is possible that the UW Digital ID certificate is not fully installed. Refer to the directions in UW Digital ID (Win) - Verifying Proper Installation of Your Digital Certificate or UW Digital ID (Mac) - Installing your Digital Certificate to make sure your UW Digital ID certificate is properly installed.

Unable to connect to VPN service from multiple computers

If a user is already connected to 2factor VPN on one machine, they will be unable to connect to 2factor VPN on another machine until the other machine is disconnected. See 2factor VPN - Network connection problems after connecting via 2factor VPN for more information.

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