WiscWeb CMS - Content Blocks - General Steps to Implementing Content Blocks

What follows is the general method of implementing a content block, a procedure common to all of the content blocks used in the WiscWeb CMS. Refer to these steps as needed.

Implementing a Content Block

  1. On a page within SmartEdit, click the Open Page red dot.

    Open Page link

    Once the page opens, the body area of the page will contain one or more red dots that allow you to add, sort, or remove blocks from the corresponding column.

  2. Click the Add/Sort/Remove red dot.

    Add/Sort/Remove Center Block button

    Note: The red dot that contains three horizontal lines alerts you to either a Container or a List being editable. In this case, we are editing the Container that corresponds to an entire column of the page.

    A new window appears, giving you various options.

    Window with various options

  3. To add new content to the Container, click Create and Connect Page. This allows you to create a new instance of a content block.

    Create and Connect Page button

    The List of Content Classes dialog box will appear, and you can choose which content block (also known as a Content Class, in the CMS's terminology) to make an instance of by clicking on its title:

    different types of boxes

  4. On the following screen, enter the title that you would like to give this block on the page.

    entering a block title

    Giving an appropriate title is most important for when you want to share this content on other pages of the site; an easy-to-remember title will make this content easier to search for when populating that other page of the site.

  5. When you are finished naming the block, click OK in the lower-right corner.

The block should now be inserted into your page, and the appropriate red dot(s) should now be available for you to work with.

Tip: Submit new and edited content to workflow

Remember that when you create or modify pages in the CMS, you will often need to "release" your content to others in order for them to see the modifications and for the content to be publishable. See Document 13179 is unavailable at this time. for more details.

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