WiscWeb CMS - Content Blocks - Using an External Pages List

The External Pages List block allows a user to provide a series of links to other websites external to WiscWeb CMS.

Here is an example of the block:

Edit Block link

Refer to WiscWeb CMS - Content Blocks - General Steps to Implementing Content Blocks in order to insert an instance of an External Pages List on your page. Then proceed to populate the content as described below.

Using an External Pages List

  1. Click the Edit Block red dot.

    Edit Block button

    Red dots are then available for you to modify the links.

    red editing dots

  2. To insert a new link, click one of the existing red dots that has an underscore within it – the underscore simply indicates that we are working with a link.

    new link red dot

    A new window appears, giving you several options.

    options window

  3. Click Expand Dynamic Link near the bottom of the list. This action will allow us to add more links to this list.

    Expand Dynamic Link

    A new window appears, giving you options for how many links you want to create, where they should appear, and what they should be named.

    link options

  4. To insert a single link, ensure "1" is entered into the first text box.

    enter 1 for a single link

  5. Choose whether you would like the new link to be above or below the red dot that you clicked.

    select either above or below the selected link

  6. Finally, click New link name and choose the text that you would like to appear as the link.

    link name

  7. Click OK in the lower-right corner when you are finished. The block should now be updated to include the text. We still need to assign it a URL to point to, though.

    new example block

  8. Click the red dot next to the text that you just created.
  9. From the window that appears, click Assign URL.

    Assign URL button

  10. On the following screen, enter the full URL to the website including the prefix of http://

    enter the full URL

  11. Click OK in the lower-right corner. The link should then be inserted into your page.

Tip: Further Modifying External Links Lists

Notice in the window the several other options that exist for modifying the list:

Reference Page
Allows you to link to a page within the CMS instead of an external URL. This ability means that you could have a list that contains links to internal and external pages.
Edit Dynamic Link Order
Allows you to re-order the links contained in the list.
Delete Dynamic Link
Removes the individual link whose red dot you clicked.

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