WiscWeb CMS - Content Blocks - Automating sorting of a list in SmartTree

The CMS gives you the ability to sort a list of pages based on a few presets, or on one of the content elements that is common to each of the pages, which acts as a property of the page in this context. Perhaps we want to order the pages according to their titles reverse-alphabetically. These are the steps we would take to do so.

  1. In SmartTree, select the block list that you want to edit. The list should start with the characters "lst_".

    list starts with lst_

  2. In the Action Menu, select Edit Sort Order Settings.

    select Edit Sort Order Settings

    The new window presents you with options for how many pages to list, as well as how you would like to order the pages.

    options for ordering pages

  3. Click the radio button next to Descending. On the drop-down menu that appears, ensure that Headline is selected. Click OK. This will accomplish the reverse-alphabetical ordering, based upon the title of the pages.

    click Descending, select Headline in the drop-down menu

    The list's order changes in SmartTree and SmartEdit.

    new list order in SmartTree

    new list order in SmartEdit

Tip: Automate sorting based on structural element

If you would like to sort the list based on a content element, rather than the Headline or the other presets, you can do so using the According to element content option in the Sort Order Settings window.

sort according to element content option

In order to take advantage of this feature, you will need to know which content elements your pages share. Expand your linked pages' content elements in SmartTree, by clicking on the blue 3-boxes icon:

expand the blue boxes icon

In this case, if we wanted to, we could return to our list's Sort Order Settings and use the "stf_metaDescription" content element as the factor by which the CMS sorts our pages in the list:

example of a content element

After inputting the content element to sort by, your list will be updated to reflect the change. You can always return to the Sort Order Settings if you decide to change how the CMS sorts the list.

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