Creating an Index for Your CAE Personal Homepages

How to allow indexing for your personal homepages on the CAE webserver

Personal homepages is a service that is no longer supported. Existing sites will continue to be available as long as the service can be easily maintained, however, they will no longer be updated for functionality. If you wish to set up a personal webpage, you can look into UW Google Sites Faculty and staff can continue to request vhosts, as this is a separate service, not related to homepages.

This function has been turned off by default. If you choose to enable indexing on your website, you can do so in a few simple steps.

  1. Create a file called .htaccess in your public_html directory
  2. Add the following content:
    Options +Indexes
  3. Be sure the file permissions are set to 644 (a+r)
  4. Once the file is saved, indexing will be re-enabled for your personal pages.

Indexing is not inherently a problem when people are aware that they are using an index. The big reason for changing the default behavior is that directories were being shown inadvertently and that can cause a significant security problem.

Please be aware that support for personal web pages is very limited.