UW-Madison Google Workspace - Move files or folders from My Drive to Shared drives

This document explains how to move files or folders that you own from My Drive to a Google shared drive. Please note, you'll need to be a manager of the shared drive to move files into it. Learn how to view a Google shared drive membership list to confirm your permission.
  1. Log into your UW-Madison Google Drive account.

  2. Locate the file or folder you want to transfer. 

  3. Drag the file or folder over to the left-hand menu, and while still dragging, hover over the Shared Drives tab until the drop-down menu expands. Then drop the file or folder into your desired shared drive. Note: If there are no shared drives listed, you will need to create a new one to move files to. 

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  4. A “Reviewing Items” pop-up message may appear. You do not need to do anything while this message is being presented unless you would like to cancel the folder transfer. 

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  5. Another pop-up message may appear after the first pop-up. This message is prompting you to confirm the file or folder transfer. Click the Move button at the bottom right of this pop-up window to continue with the file or folder transfer. 
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  6. After completing these steps, the file or folder should now be contained within the shared drive you selected.

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