Using VZAccess Manager

Connecting with VZAccess Manager

Note: VZAccess is not supported by the DoIT Help Desk. We can provide best effort support only. If you encounter trouble using VZAccess, you should contact Verizon for support via phone at 800-922-0204 option 3 or by going to

If you have questions about ordering Verizon's data access, see the order information and rate information provided by DoIT Voice Services.

If this is the first time the card is used you must perform the over-the-air activation, or it has not been used for an extended period of time.

Once your Wi-Fi or WWAN device is properly configured, connecting to the Internet is as simple as selecting the network connection type shown in the list and clicking the Connect button. Note that the Connect button immediately above the list will change to "Connect WWAN" or "Connect Wi-Fi" as appropriate based on the current selection in the networks list.

  1. Select one of the following connections: "NationalAccess," "NationalAccess - Mobile Broadband," or "Quick 2 Net (14.4kbps)".
  2. Click the "Connect WWAN" button when it becomes enabled.

Once connected, the "Connect WWAN" button will change to "Disconnect". Simply click this to end your current connection. To connect to any other network shown, select it, and then select "Connect".

The Status Bar

Information regarding your current network connection can be seen in the status bar along the bottom of the VZAccess Manager interface. For more information on this status bar, see the section "The Status Bar" in the "Additional Features" section.

Note: If you are using a WWAN (1xEV-DO/1xRTT/CDMA) device that supports the Verizon Wireless Dial-Up-Data service and you made wireless copies of your dial-up accounts, they will also appear. See the section "Creating Wireless Copies of your Dial-Up Connections." Alternatively, you can have all dial-up connections appear in VZAccess Manager and use it to launch any dial-up networking connection. See the section "Setting Your Preferences". If you are in the presence of a private Wi-Fi network (such as one at work or at home) it will also appear if you selected the Wi-Fi option during setup. If the number of connections exceeds what can be displayed, a vertical scroll bar will appear to the right of the connections. Scroll down to see them all.

Note: The first time you connect with the NationalAccess - Mobile Broadband, NationalAccess, or Quick 2 Net (14.4 kbps) connections, or a private Wi-Fi connection, a connectivity warning message will appear. You have the option to suppress these warning messages when they are displayed.   

VZAccess Manager will display status information at the bottom during the connection process as well as while connected. When not connected, the status text in the lower left corner will display "Not connected" for the currently selected network. The timer will display "00:00:00". Once connected, the status text will display "Connected" and the elapsed timer will begin to run. When a connection is active, its name will appear as bold text.

The status is also reflected in the Task Tray icon.

pic01.jpg    Connected

pic02.jpg    Idle - Not Connected

pic03.jpg    Connecting

pic04.jpg    Disconnecting

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