Course Guide - Wildcards and Search Techniques

When using the free-form search provided in Course Guide, the search is performed against the following default fields:

  • Course Number
  • Subject
  • Course Title
  • Course Description

Searches of text, such as those displayed below, will have results returned if the search text is found in at least one of the default search fields. The search results are returned sorted, with the most relevant results appearing at the top of the list.

  • history - Results contain the word history
  • history science - Results contain the words history AND science
  • history OR science (note: "OR" is case sensitive) - Results contains the word history, or science, or both
  • hist* - Results contain words that begin with hist; i.e. history, historical, historian
  • histor~ - Results contain words that are similar to the word
  • "history of books" - Results contain the exact phrase
  • history -science - Results contain the word history but do not contain the word science

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