WiscChat (Psi) - Fixing Presence Issues (Contact Appears Offline Even Though They Are Online)

This document explains how to resolve the situation where a contact in your WiscChat roster constantly appears as offline even though you know they are online at the time. This problem is caused when the contacts do not have proper authorization set up for each other to view their presence information.



  • UserA removes authorization from UserB


  • UserA sees Subscription: to for UserB, and is able to see UserB's status in roster
  • UserB sees Subscription: from for UserA, and is not able to see UserA's status in roster

Assumptions for problem resolution:

  • both users are using Psi v0.13 or higher
  • both users have enabled the auto-authorize contacts option (this is not important as long as both users accept authorization prompts)
  • both users are online (this is important)


  • UserA can fix the problem by removing UserB from roster and adding UserB back again
  • UserB can fix the problem by re-requesting authorization from UserA

Note: If neither of above steps work, then you will have to delete each other and add each other back.

Other Notes:

  • UserA can't fix the problem by re-requesting authorization from UserB (expected)
  • UserB can't fix the problem by resending authorization to UserA (expected)
  • UserA can't fix the problem by resending authorization to UserB (not expected; possible bug with server or client)
  • There may be ways to do this with other clients, but they have not been researched.

Technical How To:

How to view subscription status

  • The subscription status information can be viewed by right clicking on the contact in your roster, select User Info, and click the Status tab
  • If the contact does not appear in your roster, clcik the View menu, and select Show Offline Contacts
  • If no subscription information is displayed in the contact's Status tab, then it should be working correctly.

How to re-request and resend authorization

  • Right click on the contact in the roster, select Authorization, and then click the action you want to perform.

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