WiscWeb CMS - Creating folders and adding files via Asset Manager

The Asset Manager is used within WiscWeb CMS to upload and manage content used by the site. This document explains how to use the Asset Manager in the WiscWeb CMS to create new folders and upload files to the project.

By default, your site comes with a few folders to store files in: CSS Images, Images, and Documents. These are Asset Manager folders, and you are not limited to these three folders; you can create your own, which might be useful if you have a variety of people and groups in your department that each need their own place to store files.

Creating New Asset Manager Folders

  1. In SmartTree, navigate to Administer Project Settings > Project > Folders.

    Folders link in SmartTree

  2. In the Action Menu to the right, click to "Create Folder."

    Create Folder button

    A new window appears, allowing you to specify the folder to create.

  3. Give the folder a name and optionally a description, leave the selection box as-is (with "Asset Manager" selected), and click Next.

    enter a name and description

  4. On the following screen, click OK.

    The folder is now made available for your use. You can upload files to it as you learned previously (in the text editor) or with the following How To.

Add Files to Your Site Using Asset Manager

  1. In SmartTree, navigate to an Asset Manager folder beneath Administer Project Settings > Project > Folders


  2. In the Action Menu, click to "Edit Folder Content."

    Edit Folder Content button

    A new window appears, the same one as when you worked with files through the text editor.

  3. To upload a file to the folder, click to "Select asset from local file system" near the top of the window.

    Select asset from local file system link

    A new window appears, allowing you to choose a file to upload.

  4. Click to choose which file on your computer you want to upload and click OK.

    The file is then uploaded, and you can use it in your project.

    example uploaded file

For instructions on how to incorporate uploaded images into your page, see: WiscWeb CMS - Inserting Images That Have Already Been Uploaded

Note: If you have a large amount of files that you would like to upload, the WiscWeb team can likely help you get them uploaded quicker than doing them one-by-one. Contact the DoIT Help Desk to arrange for assistance uploading content.

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