WiscWeb CMS - Publishing Your Site in SmartEdit

This document explains how to publish your site in WiscWeb CMS.

Once all of your publication settings are taken care of, you can manually publish a page or multiple pages of your site easily. It is at this point you will need to determine what pages and potential subpages will need to be published.

Publishing Pages Manually in SmartEdit

  1. In SmartEdit, go to the individual page that you want to publish (or top page in a specific section that needs to be published), and click on the "Open Page" red dot in the upper left portion of the screen.

    Open Page Red Dot

  2. Right click on the active page, and select Publish Page.

    • Please Note: It is important to make certain that pages have been Submitted to Workflow and/or Released to ensure that your site will update as intended.

    Publish Menu with Open Page selected

  3. The publishing menu appears and has the following options:

    • Publish all following pages: This option will publish the page you have selected and all pages that follow it in the hierarchy. For example, if you publish the Home page, all pages submitted to workflow in the site will re-publish because the Home page is the top of the hierarchy.

    • Publish all related pages: This option will publish the page you are on and all other pages that share content (related) with that page. For example, if you have updated a text area on the Home page that is also used on the Contact Us page, both of those pages will updated with the updated text area if you choose related pages. Note: In the example, if you did NOT check related pages, the text area would be different on the two pages until you published with related pages.

    • Send email after publication to: This option will send you an email when the publish is finished. It is recommended you leave this checked. If any issues occur, you can forward the publishing report to the WiscWeb CMS team, and might help us resolve your issue more quickly.

    • Project variants available for publication: Most projects have four options available, but only two should be used. HTML is your production site, and is checked by default. HTMLtestserver is your preview site (if you have one). Verify you are publishing to the correct target before you publish so that you don't publish test pages to production by mistake.


    Choose the options you want for your publish.

  4. After setting your options, click OK at the bottom of the screen. This will initiate the publishing process for your project. There are many variables that will determine the length of wait you will have when publishing pages: number of pages publishing, number of changes on those pages, demand on server at the time of your publish (is there a queue on the server). Some publishes will take as short as 5 minutes, and could take upwards of several hours.

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