WiscWeb CMS - Editing site-wide settings

Site-wide settings allow changes to be made to certain aspects of the entire site within WiscWeb CMS.

Editing site-wide settings

Within the general templates, there are a variety of settings that can impact the pages site-wide, and which are available for you to easily modify. These settings include the following:

  • Site Title: The name of your department / group - will display as the pages' banner text
  • Webmaster E-mail: The main contact e-mail for the site
  • Site Style: Which of the four available templates you want the site to use (see below for previews of each)
    • Allow Different Banner on Each Page: Will allow users to select a new banner image for each page (only applicable for certain themes)
    • Edit Banner: If you choose to disallow different banners on different pages, then you can select the site-wide banner
  • Default Columns: How many columns each page should have (can be overridden on page-by-page basis)
  • Show Breadcrumbs: Whether to display breadcrumbs, showing the hierarchical trail of a page in the site
  • Print/PDF Variant: Whether to show print and PDF icons on each page, allowing visitors to see the content in printable and PDF formats (can be overridden on page-by-page basis)

The four available site styles are as follows:

  • Bascom

    A sample screenshot of the Bascom style

  • Lathrop

    A sample screenshot of the Lathrop style

  • Birge

    A sample screenshot of the Birge style

  • Chadbourne

    A sample screenshot of the Chadbourne style

Changing site-wide settings

  1. In SmartEdit, navigate to the root of the site - you can ensure that you get to the root by clicking the SmartEdit button, and then once a page loads, by clicking the SmartEdit button once more.

  2. Click the Administrator Tools link.

    The Administrator Tools link

    The page you arrive at contains the various settings that effect site-wide changes.

    The site-wide settings listed under Administrator Tools

  3. Click the red dot beneath the Administrator Tools title to open the page for editing.

    Clicking the red dot

  4. Modify the various settings by clicking on the red dot and modifying the options accordingly. The previous pages of this training packet contain details on what the settings accomplish.

  5. When you have finished modifying the settings, save your changes by again clicking the red dot beneath the Administrator Tools title.

    Clicking the red dot again

Overriding site-wide settings

The following site-wide settings can be overridden on a page-by-page basis:

  • Banner image (if you specified to allow "different banner on each page" within the Administrator Tools area)
  • Display of print / PDF variants
  • Number of columns

In order to modify these settings, do the following:

  1. Navigate to the page that you would like to edit and click the "Open Page" red dot.

    The Open Page red dot

  2. To modify the display of print/PDF variants for the page and/or the number of columns on the page:

    1. Click the black "Page Info" tab along the top to open the page's options.

      The Page Info tab

    2. Click the "print/PDF override" red dot and the "override columns" red dot to modify each.

      The print/PDF and column override options

  3. To modify the banner on the page (assuming that you chose to "Allow Different Banner on Each Page" in the Administrator Tools area):

    1. Click the "Edit Banner Image" red dot that appears above the main navigation menu on the page.

      Edit Banner Image red dot

      A new window appears that allows you to choose a new image, as well as add/modify alternative text for the image (the latter is important for users with screen readers and Section 508 compliance, which the University of Wisconsin is required to abide by).

      Adding alt text to the banner image

    2. Once you have selected an image and typed in alternative text, click OK in the lower-right corner.

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