WiscWeb CMS - Administrating Text Editor Options

Administrators can limit formatting options and other text editor options. This can help ensure that text is formatted consistently when entered by content authors.

Limiting formatting options for a text element

To limit or extend the options that End-Users have when working within the text editor, we will modify an individual Text element's properties. This allows you as an Administrator to take away any options that you do not want End-Users to have; for example, you may want to disallow the "font" and "font size" options.

  1. In SmartTree, navigate to a Text element within the Article Block Content Class:

    Administer Content Classes > Content Blocks > Article Block > Content Elements > txt_Article

    Navigation path for editing a text element

  2. In the Action Menu, click Edit Element (Text).

    A new window appears, allowing you to modify various properties.

    SmartTree Properties

  3. In the middle of the window is "Text Editor settings" - click its Edit link.

    Text Editor settings

    A new window appears, allowing you choose which options you want to give to users.

    Formatting options

  4. Check the features you want to be allowed, and click OK. In the window that you return to, click OK.

The features for that given Text element are now set to what you chose. You would need to do this for each Content Class's text elements that you want to edit the options for.

Enabling the Spellchecker

In some cases, the spellchecker feature might be disabled without your having chosen it to be disabled. To enable the spellchecker again, do the following:

  1. Navigate within SmartTree to Administer Project Settings > Project > General Settings

  2. In the Action Menu, click on "Edit Text Filter Options"

  3. A new window will appear. Ensure that you have unchecked "Remove FONT tags" as shown below. This should fix the missing spellchecker.

    Remove FONT tags

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