WiscWeb CMS - Creating and Connecting a Subpage in SmartEdit

This document will instruct you how to create a new subpage on your site. Subpages may also be called Foundation Pages, and are typically used as the framework for navigation on the site. For example, if you wanted to add a "Contact Us" page to your top or side navigation, you would use this document to create a new subpage for that purpose.

Subpages Overview

Subpages form the framework of your website. The WiscWebCMS application uses subpages to populate the automatically-generated site navigation that visitors use. You see this in either the Navigation Bar just beneath the page header or in left-side or right-side navigation trees.

The only page on your site that is not a subpage is the Home page. Consider your site a hierarchy where Home is always the top list item, and all other pages are subpages of the Home page or other pages. As an example, see the diagram below:

diagram showing multiple tier navigation for the top bar for a website about games

In the diagram, Card Games, Board Games, and Outdoor Games will be subpages of Home. Risk, Monopoly, Yahtzee, Sorry!, and Candy Land will be subpages of Board Games.

Adding a Subpage to Your Site

  1. Navigate to the page to which you want to add a subpage. (e.g. navigate to Home to add the Board Games page). Click the red dot next to Open Page.

  2. Click the Page Info tab near the top of the screen.


  3. Various red dot options are available to you in the drop down that appears.

    red editing dots

  4. Click the red dot next to Subpages.


  5. A new window appears, giving you various options. Click Create and Connect Page to add a new subpage beneath the current page that you are on.

    Create and Connect Page and other options

  6. The next screen shows you the various types of pages that you are allowed to create off of the current page. Select Blank Page to create a new subpage (this new subpage will have no content).

    example page types

  7. On the following screen, give your page a headline and click OK in the lower-right corner. Headlines are used within WiscWeb CMS to identify content items such as pages. They are not seen externally by those visiting your site.

    New Page Headline

  8. After the page is created, the CMS returns you to the page that you were previously on. Your new Subpage headline will be listed in the Subpages list. When you collapse the top Page Info menu, though, you will see that a new page has been added to the Subpages section. You will also see a new item in navigation named NEW PAGE.

    Example link in Subpages

  9. Click on the link to the page that you just created.

  10. You are not done yet. You will want to refer to this KB document: WiscWeb CMS - Configuring Settings for a New Subpage. It will finalize settings on the page like the page name.

  11. You are now ready to add content to this page. The following documents are the instructions for all of the standard template Content Classes that you can add to the page: https://kb.wisc.edu/wiscwebcms/search.php?cat=3215.

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