WiscWeb CMS - Configuring Settings for a New Subpage

This document will explain how to create and update the settings on subpages within your site.

Configuring Settings for a New Page

  1. Navigate to the page that you are updating using either the links in the Work Area of SmartEdit or the page names listed in the tree view of the Structural Area of WiscWebCMS.

  2. Click the red dot for Open Page.

    Open Page Image

  3. Click on the Page Info tab at the top of the Work Area, and a gray area will drop down from the top of the SmartEdit display that shows various options you can configure for the page.

    Page Info tab

  4. Page Info has four areas (follow the white arrows):

    1. The Header
      • Page ID (in [] brackets): Not editable and not relevant for the display of a page. This is used to uniquely identify this page from other pages on the site and thus can be used in CMS system searches to find this page.
      • Page Status: Status in the CMS system; Gold Star means the page is released and can be published; white/gray star means the page is in Draft mode and cannot, will not, be published.

    2. General Information
      • Menu Label: Will be the link text on the current page's parent page (as seen when you created the page), and will also appear as the title of the page when someone bookmarks it. This is set to "New Page" by default for newly created pages. You change that here!
      • Show in Navigation: Determines if the page should show up in navigation or not.
      • Show Column: Determines whether there is a left column on the page for links to further subpages or for content areas specific to side areas (e.g., Twitter Feed).
      • Show Side Navigation: Allows the user to override the site-wide settings from the Administrator Tools area in SmartEdit for this particular page by adding it to a side-area naviation.
      • CMS Keywords: Allows you to associate the page with certain topic(s). See WiscWeb CMS - Keywording and Lists Overview for more information.

    3. Meta Information
      • Meta Keywords: Allows you to specify keywords/phrases to identify this page. Separate keywords and phrases by commas. Limited to 255 characters total. Not all search engines use keywords to rank pages in search results.
      • Meta Descriptions: Allows you to specify a description that a search engine should display for this page; shows up as the paragraph of text on a search engine results page. Limited to 255 characters total.

    4. Subpages
      • This is a list of pages (by default empty) which have been connected to the current page. If you are viewing Page Info for the Home page, these Subpages correspond to items on your site's primary navigation bar. If you are viewing Page Info for one of the Home page's Subpages these items correspond to the items that are on the dropdown menu for navigation bar items. See WiscWeb CMS - Creating and Connecting a Subpage in SmartEdit.

Please Note: These configurations only correspond with actual page information and settings on the page you configure. Content Classes on those pages have their own configuration process and need to be set up independently.

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