WiscWeb CMS - Restoring a deleted page or block

This document explains how to restore deleted pages and content blocks from the site, as well as some potential issues that can occur when restoring entire pages within the CMS.

Restoring a deleted page or block

NOTE: These instructions require use of SmartTree. SmartTree requires Microsoft InternetExplorer for proper function and it also requires administrator-level access. If you cannot follow these instructions where SmartTree is used you should contact your site's administrator and request appropriate permissions or have them take these steps on your behalf.

Once a page or block is deleted in the CMS, it goes to the Recycle Bin within SmartTree, where you can then find it and restore it. A deleted page, however, does not show up in any of the results from the Search Tab, so you cannot find it that way.

  • In SmartTree, navigate to: Administer Project Structure > Edit Special Pages > Recycle Bin
    NOTE: Edit Special Pages does not show up by default in SmartTree, you almost always have to close Administer Project Structure (click on the + sign), and then re-open it, to get Edit Special Pages to show up at the same level as Project.
    Recycling Bin link in SmartTree
  • Expand the Recycle Bin, and select the item that you want to restore. Note the grey text to the right of the page name in the list of items in the RecycleBin. This text shows the date and time at which the page was deleted and may help you figure out which version of the page was deleted. Note this because Preview will almost always fail or mis-render.
    example expanded Recycling Bin
  • In the Action Menu to the right, click to Restore Page
    Restore Page button
  • A new window appears, asking you to confirm your decision to restore the page. Click Yes to confirm the restoration of the item.
    Yes button in confirmation window
  • The item is then restored to the structure of the website. Whether it is a block or a page that you restored, the CMS will try to connect it to the various places where it was before it was deleted.

Potential Problems Restoring Entire Pages in the CMS

While the CMS will try to restore even entire webpages to their prior position in the website, be aware that it might not completely restore the automated navigation structure for that page. For example, a restored subpage of the Contact page might not appear in a dropdown menu underneath the Contact navigation item.

It is generally recommended that pages be disconnected rather than deleted, as reconnecting disconnected content is generally more successful than restoring deleted pages. In general, use caution when disconnecting and deleting entire webpages from your site.

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