WiscWeb CMS - Defining and working with Structural Workflow

Structural Workflow can be defined globally for all pages within a site. This document provides an example of defining Structural Workflow globally.

Defining a Global Structural Workflow

In this example, we will set up a global structural workflow to require users' tagging of pages with a keyword to be approved by Administrators prior to being published.

  1. Browse to Administer Project Structure > Project.

    Project link in Administer Project Structure

  2. In the Action Menu, click on Define Workflow.

    Define Workflow link in the Action Menu

    A new window appears which lets you choose between structural and content workflows.

  3. Select Workflow for structural changes, enter an appropriate name, and click OK.

    enter name and select Workflow for structural changes

    SmartTree now shows the workflow attached to the Project item, along with the Global Content WF created in a previous How To.

    example of new attached workflow in SmartTree

  4. To create reactions for triggers, select the workflow, and in the Action Menu, click Edit Workflow.

    Edit Workflow link

    The Workflow Designer window appears that shows you the various triggers (middle column) and reactions (left column) for a content workflow. We are going to associate the reaction that requires a Release, with the trigger of changing keyword assignments of a page.

    Workflow Designer example

  5. Left-click on the Release Necessary box in the left-column, drag it over the Changed Page Keyword Assignment box in the middle-column, and release.

    Release Necessary box

    A window appears that lets you define who can authorize the release.

  6. Give the reaction a name, select the project group for Administrators, and press OK.

    enter a name and select a project group

    The Workflow Designer page is updated. For easier reading of the diagrams, you can click the Sort Automatically link in the upper-right corner.

    example of updated Workflow Designer page

  7. Click OK to complete the designing of the structural workflow.

Potential Problems With "Page Disconnected" Option

While structural workflows offer the ability the require approval for pages to be disconnected, be aware that at times this causes trouble for the site's navigation, if the page is one of the ones that shows up in a dropdown menu. For instance, a page that is disconnected and then approved to be disconnected might still show up in the navigation menu, but not exist as a page to navigate to.

How the Main Link of a Block or Page Affects Its Workflow

Within the CMS, the "main link" of a block or page is analogous to what place the block or page can call its home. A block or page might be connected to multiple different places within the site, but the CMS is concerned with its "main link" for purposes of determining its corresponding workflow, authorization package, and so on.

It is most important to be aware of a page or block's "main link" when there are non-global workflows and non-global authorization packages in play.

Viewing/Changing the Main Link of a Block

  1. When in SmartEdit, open a page or block for editing.

    example of page to be edited

  2. In the Page Menu at the top of your browser, click to view this page or block's "Linking."

    Linking button

    A new window appears, showing you the place of the website that it is connected to. Whichever location has its radio button filled in is the "main link" for this page or block.

    example linking choices

    In this case, whichever workflow and authorization package applies to the "Home" page's con_Right_Column Container will determine this block's behaviors.

  3. If you would want to change the main link for this page or block, you can simply click on the other radio button area, and then click OK.

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