Printers - Getting help with printer trouble from the DoIT Help Desk

The DoIT Help Desk can provide only limited assistance with printer issues.

Effective Monday, April 6th, the Walk-In Help Desk will no longer offer onsite troubleshooting and laptop pickup.

Personal Printers

Basic help

The DoIT Help Desk will generally provide best effort support over the phone for problems with personal printers for support students, faculty, and staff. This may include roughly 15 minutes of assistance reinstalling the printer drivers, checking printer status, etc. You may also refer to the self-help troubleshooting advice found in Printer - General troubleshooting advice. If you call for assistance and we are unable to resolve the issue over the phone, there are two remaining options:

Hardware issues

The most common hardware issues include paper no longer feeding through the printer properly, pages printing incorrectly or not at all even following a ink/toner change, the printer not powering on at all, etc.

Most personal printers are inkjet printers. Unfortunately, these are not able to be repaired by neither DoIT Repair or Departmental Support services. If the DoIT Help Desk believes your printer is suffering from a hardware issue, you will generally need to speak to the manufacturer of the printer for further help unless the printer was purchased from the DoIT TechStore and is still covered under their exchange policy.

Departmental Printers

Basic help

The DoIT Help Desk can only provide very basic assistance with departmental printer issues. This primarily includes reinstalling printer drivers. If that does not fix the problem (or if you do not have administrator access for the computer) then you will generally need to contact your local IT support staff for further assistance.

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