Learn@UW/D2L - Times and Number of Visits Displayed for Content Topics May Be Incorrect

The "Content Progress" data displayed in User Progress and Class Progress are not reliable and should not be used to evaluate whether a student has visited a topic or for how long.

When you view "Content Progress" data to determine how many times a student has visited a content topic and for how long, the times and number of visits displayed may be incorrect. This applies to the times and number of visits displayed using either User Progress and Class Progress.

If a student does not click the a topic's link and selects "Download" from the drop-down to later read the material off line, the time spent and visit are not recorded in the Content Progress.

If a student visits a topic and then moves away from the topic, the system can record the amount of time spent on the topic accurately. However, if a session ends because the browser is closed, the computer is turned off, or the authentication on the session times out, there is no way to accurately determine how much time was spent on the topic.