Network Services IPv6 Deployment Status

Status of IPv6 support in services offered by DoIT Network Services for the UW-Madison Campus.

Project Status Notes
Enable IPv6 throughout WiscNet core Complete  
Acquire R&E IPv6 peering for WiscNet Complete  
Acquire Commercial IPv6 peering for WiscNet In Progress limited peering configured
Acquire IPv6 space from WiscNet for testing Complete  
Acquire direct IPv6 allocation for campus from ARIN Complete  
Test IPv6 routing on campus network Complete  
Enable IPv6 throughout campus core Complete Deployed to on-campus routers
Enable IPv6 to off-campus WAN sites Not done
Test IPv6 connectivity to limited subnets Complete  
Develop IPv6 allocation plan Complete  
Create a base of user-facing documentation Complete (always a work in progress)
NTP Service Complete  
Enable IPv6 to Campus DNS servers Complete
Develop tools to maintain reverse IPv6 dns zones Not done Part of larger DNS management project.
Campus DHCPv6 service Not done Testing not started
Set up 6to4 protocol translating router In Progress temporary solution in place, needs to be replaced
Set up teredo relay router In progress delayed. some testing started
Set up teredo server In Progress delayed. some testing started. Also requires either client-side configuration or DNS spoofing
NAT64 translation service In Progress limited testing started.
DNS64 service for NAT64 In Progress limited testing started.
v6 Blackhole filtering service Not done May be of limited usefulness because of dynamic addressing, but still required. Also may require uRPF support
Edge ACL filtering In Progress need to reconfigure all existing edge ports for filtering, also need to replace old switches, wireless
IPv6 connectivity for wireless subnets Not Done 6to4 supported today, native v6 support dependent on vendor support and testing
Native IPv6 support in Captivator-gw Not done v6 redirect capability in Linux kernel / ip6tables is immature and possible workarounds needs to be attempted
Make FIDO network management software v6 capable Complete  
Enable IPv6 throughout AANTS network software Not done  
Monitor IPv6 features of network equipment In Progress still issues with bgp neighbor state
Manage network equipment over IPv6 Not done  
IPv6 capability in CMS Not done  
Multicast IPv6 In progress will require fair amount of work; embedded RP enabled on r-peer/r-peer-2
Multicast IPv6 to v4 multicast translation Not done  
VRF support for IPv6 Not done lack of vendor ospfv3 support, may be other issues
Track IPv6 allocations via WiscNIC Complete  
uRPF for v6 Not done unsupported on current routing platform
Enable IPv6 to network management servers Complete
Enable IPv6 to Network Services websites Complete
IPv6 capable Datacenter loadbalancers Not done new load-balancers have v6 capability, largely untested.
IPv6 capable VPN solution In progress Dual-stack "IPv6-test" profile available via AnyConnect client for dynamic, non-split-tunnel use.
IPv6 capable Campus firewall solution In progress New hardware currently in testing.
IPv6 capable services: web, mail, jabber, etc. Not done Stalled

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