WiscWeb - WordPress UW Theme - Account Eligibility and Obtaining Access

WiscWeb is a content management system intended for use by departments.

Eligibility Policy

As a University-funded service, WiscWeb is approved for all faculty/staff/researchers for use on departmental/divisional websites. WiscWeb sites can be edited by anyone with an active NetID, but a full-time faculty/staff member must be designated as the primary contact for the site. WiscWeb sites are not intended for personal use.

Visit WiscWeb's Terms of Service for more information.


These classifications can request new sites and edit existing sites.

Eligible, if Editing a Department or Divisional Site and Have Active NetID

These classifications are not eligible to request new sites but can edit existing departmental/divisional sites.
  • Retired faculty/staff/emeriti (Not eligible for personal use)
  • Students (Not eligible for personal use)

The following are not covered in the WiscWeb Terms of Service:

Getting Access

Information about getting started with WiscWeb can be found on the official service page here: https://wiscweb.wisc.edu/getting-started/

Additional information, such as upcoming "lunch and learn" events and further details on getting started, can be found on the WiscWeb Informational Site: https://wiscweb.wisc.edu

Users can request a new WiscWeb site here: https://wiscweb.wisc.edu/request-a-new-site/

Alternative Options for Sites Not Covered Under WiscWeb

The following options are recommended for sites that are not approved for use under WiscWeb:
  • The Wisconsin Involvement Network (WIN) can be used for Registered Student Organization sites. 
  • Google Sites can be used for student org and personal websites. Please note that while Google Sites is available to all students and staff, support for this tool is limited on campus.
  • Free Content Management Systems (CMS) also can be used for student org and personal websites.

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