Quick Install Handling Information

DoIT Repair will install RAM and drives (hard drive or solid state drive), while the customer waits, in certain models of computers. Hard drive quick installs do NOT include an Operating System (OS); the customer must reinstall their OS on their own. We will only Quick Install items which are purchased from the TechStore.

What is a Quick Install?

For a small fee, DoIT Repair will perform certain upgrades while the customer waits, without requiring a full check-in.  This service is only available on certain computers with components purchased from the DoIT Tech Store. Currently, the following services are offered: 
  • Install new RAM into a computer
  • Install new Hard Drive or Solid State Drive  into a computer
  • Remove Hard Drive or Solid State Drive from computer, and install into external enclosure
  • Disconnect/reconnect battery
  • Remove obstruction from headphone jack (be aware that this may result in damage to headphone jack port)
  • Replace missing screws on bottom of computer (for Windows computers we may only have compatible, but not original screws)
  • Replace missing feet on bottom of computer (non-retina MacBook Pro only)
  • Replace missing or damaged keycap on Apple portable computer

Does this computer qualify?

Many notebook and desktop computers qualify for our Quick Install service.  Generally, some "specialty" computers, such as Ultrabooks (very thin notebooks) and iMacs may not qualify. Eligibility can be determined by a repair technician.

The following common computers do NOT qualify for RAM quick installs: 
- Retina MacBook 12"**
- Retina MacBook Pro, any model**
- MacBook Air, any model**
- Late 2014 Mac Mini**
- 21.5" Thin iMac (RAM is not user-accessible and requires $160 check-in)

** RAM is part of the Main Logic Board, and therefore cannot be upgraded

The following common computers do NOT qualify for Hard Drive quick installs:
- Retina MacBook Pro, any model
- MacBook Air, any model
- Mac Mini, any model
- iMac, any model

Quick Install Item Numbers and Prices

Service Item Number Price
Quick installs for new computers purchased from the DoIT Tech Store 50217 $0
Missing screws (up to 3, any more is $15) 75015 $5
RAM, keycap replacements (up to 3), battery disconnect/reconnect, MacBook Pro feet, removing items from headphone jacks/ports 46522 $20
HDD install/removal 28423 $40

Please see a repair technician with any questions regarding this procedure. 

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