Scheduling Assistant - Relationship System Description

This page describes the Relationship sub-system within the Scheduling Assistant.


The Scheduling Assistant was designed to provide a shorter path for a person to create an appointment than any of the other clients available. One of the steps in the process of creating an appointment is deciding and identifying the person you wish to create an appointment with.

The Scheduling Assistant contains a Relationship system to accomplish this goal. When scheduling an appointment, the first screen you see not only provides the names of people that have authorized you to view their schedule, it provides a customized description of your relationship to that person.

Relationships in the Scheduling Assistant can be generated in a few different ways:

Ad hoc

An ad hoc relationship in the Scheduling Assistant is a relationship created by the Schedule Owner. There are 2 primary ways for a registered Schedule Owner to create relationships:

Academic Advisors

Academic Advisors get special treatment within the Scheduling Assistant. The system automatically creates relationships for Academic Advisors with all of their Assigned Advisees. This feature is enabled by default for all academic advisors when registering with the Scheduling Assistant as a Schedule Owner. An Academic Advisor can choose to disable this feature on the Advanced Sharing Settings page by removing the check mark from within the "Authorize All of your Assigned Advisees" check box.

advanced sharing for advisor

Students that log into the Scheduling Assistant to create an appointment will see the following description for their advisor:

Advisor, Department/College, Term
Some Examples:
  • Advisor, Human Ecology, Fall 2010-2011
  • Advisor, Mechanical Engineering, Fall 2010-2011
  • Advisor, General Course - BA Degree, Fall 2010-2011


The Calendar team believes that similar special treatment could be extended to Instructors to automatically create relationships for students enrolled in their classes. This feature is not yet under development; we really need to gather requirements from actual Instructors to tailor an ideal solution for their needs.
If you are an Instructor and are interested in providing feedback and participating in early access for a feature like this, please contact the DoIT Help Desk.

Public Profiles

The Public Profile system within the Scheduling Assistant provides an alternative to the Relationship system. Registered Schedule Owners can create a search-able Public Profile to connect with other individuals on campus that they may not have a well-defined campus affiliation with. For more information, see Scheduling Assistant - Public Profile.

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