Scheduling Assistant - Appointments with Multiple Visitors

This document describes how to create times within your Scheduling Assistant schedule that will allow multiple people to Join.


Each available block that you create within your Scheduling Assistant schedule has a setting called the "visitor limit" that specifies how many people may join the event. By default, the value for visitor limit is 1 - meaning only one person may attend an appointment created within one of your available blocks.

You can configure each or all of the available blocks within your schedule for any number of visitors between 1 and 99.

Side Effects

Appointments that allow more than 1 visitor are created (and cancelled) slightly differently than appointments with only 1 visitor:

  • The create appointment form a visitor sees will not prompt the visitor for a reason; the visitor will be presented simply a check box to confirm that they wish to "Join" the appointment.
  • If you are an advisor and the visitor is a student, the student's Student ID number will not be populated in the details of the appointment. This is intentional since multiple students may join and view the details of a single appointment.
  • The first person to join the appointment will "create" the appointment in your schedule; subsequent people will simply be added as Attendees of the appointment.
  • All but the last person to leave the appointment will simply disappear from the list of Attendees. The last person to leave the appointment will "cancel" and remove the appointment from your schedule.

Changing the visitor limit and location

There are 2 ways to change the visitor limit and location settings for appointments in your availability schedule. You cannot change the visitor limit or location for a block that already exists in your schedule, but you can set a designated limit when creating a block availability schedule (block builder) or change your preferences for individual appointment blocks you create going forward (dynamic scheduling).

Using the block builder

If your schedule is very regular, you likely use the block builder ( To modify the visitor limit when using the block builder

  1. From the My Availability page, choose the Availability Builder or the Build your availability schedule options (both lead to same page).
  2. Define what daily blocks of time you'd like to open up for appointments, the time of day, and the overall time period for the availability schedule
  3. The second to last field on this form is Visitors per appointment. It will be pre-filled with your default value, but you may change this value to alter the visitor limit for this specific availability schedule
  4. The last field on this form is the Meeting Location.  It will also be pre-filled with your default value, but like the visitor limit setting you may change this value to alter the location for this specific availability schedule
  5. Click Create.

availability settings

  • An altered value of the 'visitors per appointment' on this form will NOT change your DEFAULT value for Visitors per appointment when creating availabilities individually (dynamic scheduling).

Using the dynamic schedule

If your schedule is frequently changing, you will likely dynamically create your schedule by individually specifying which time availabilities you would like to be open for appointments as situations arise. The key to this method is setting how many visitors you'd like as well as the location, by default, in each appointment, before you create the appointment, thus creating an event with X (default) number of allowed visitors. This setting must be set before creating the events, it cannot be changed for availabilities that already exist.

  1. Visit the preferences form:
  2. Change the value of the 'Meeting Location' setting.
  3. Change the value of the 'Default Visitors per appointment' setting.
  4. Click Save.

default schedule visitors per appointment setting

  • Once the default value is changed, any blocks you create going forward will use this new value automatically.

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