Identity Finder (Win) - Advanced Searching

This document outlines the various options Identity Finder has for searching. All documentation was performed with Identity Finder for Windows.

By default, Identity Finder only searches for Social Security Numbers (SSNs) and Credit Card Numbers (CCNs). It also only searches your Documents folder. In addition to these defaults, you can also have Identity Finder search for additional information, additional locations, specific information criteria, and you can configure several search settings.

This document contains the following topics:

Customizing How Identity Finder Searches
Identity Finder has a variety of methods that can be used to search for personal information on your computer. These methods include:
  • AnyFind: The default search method. AnyFind searches your computer for sensitive information without requiring personal information to be entered.
  • OnlyFind: OnlyFind allows searching for an individual's personal information. For example, Identity Finder could search for a specific Date of Birth.
  • MultiFind: With MultiFind, multiple pieces of information can be specified for a location to be a match. For example, a phone number, SSN, and CCN could be required for a location to be considered a match.
AnyFind can be enabled to search for SSNs, CCNs, passwords, bank account numbers, drivers license numbers, dates of birth, phone numbers, email addresses, and personal addresses. Information for MultiFind and OnlyFind must be specified in Identity Finder.

To configure AnyFind, MultiFind, and OnlyFind:

  1. Launch Identity Finder and click the Configuration Tab.

  2. Click the Settings button SettingsButton.png.
  3. This will open the Settings window. From here you can configure the search options.

AnyFind Configuration
    Clicking the AnyFind tab opens the AnyFind options. From here you can configure certain options for data being searched for with AnyFind. Configure the options as you wish.

OnlyFind Configuration
    Scrolling to the bottom of the AnyFind Identities tab allows you to specify items to be searched for when doing searching for information using OnlyFind. You can specify the Identity type and the information to search for. OnlyFind must be used to search for passport numbers, Mother's maiden names, and custom types.

MultiFind Configuration
    Opening the MultiFind tab gives you the options for MultiFind. You will need to enable MultiFind before you can configure the options. You can create a custom MultiFind by clicking the Add button and then entering a name for the MultiFind. You can specify what to should be required for a match, how many items are required, and what to display in the results pane when matches are found.

    Note: Using MultiFind disables AnyFind and OnlyFind. Only items that meet the MultiFind criteria will be counted as matches.

Searching For Additional Information
Identity Finder can also search for additional information beyond the default search for CCNs and SSNs. You can tailor what information you want to search for by using Identity Finder's Identity options.

To search for additional information:

  1. Open Identity Finder and open the Identities tab.

  2. The list of searchable information are located as buttons at the top of the tab. You can add items to AnyFind by selecting the button that corresponds to the information you want to search for.
Searching Additional Locations
By default, Identity Finder only searches for sensitive information on your Documents folder. You can also search a variety of locations from your entire computer to information that is saved by your web browser.

To customize which locations Identity Finder searches for sensitive information:

  1. Open Identity Finder and navigate to the Locations tab

  2. From this tab you can specify and customize what locations Identity Finder searches. However, take note of the following:
    • The more files that are searched, the longer it takes Identity Finder to complete the search
    • Searching e-mails requires that the emails be downloaded locally. Documentation is being prepared on how to configure various email clients so that messages will be searchable.
  3. You can also specify specific settings for locations from the drop down menus for each icon.

Searching Additional File Types
Identity Finder has a variety of files that it searches for by default. However, there are also a variety of file types that you can have searched by Identity Finder. These options are all available from the File Types tab in the Settings menu.

  1. Here you can choose what files are searched. This includes files that use a filter (IE Office files), common files, or even custom files.
  2. If you have certain filtering criteria, it can be specified here. Also, what compressed files are searched can be specified.
  3. Additional options such as timestamps or searching mapped network locations can be specified here.

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