Identity Finder (Mac) - Advanced Searching

This document outlines the various options Identity Finder has for searching. All documentation was performed with Identity Finder for Mac.

By default, Identity Finder only searches for Social Security Numbers (SSNs) and Credit Card Numbers (CCNs). It also only searches your Documents folder. In addition to these defaults, you can also have Identity Finder search for additional information, additional locations, specific information criteria, and you can configure several search settings.

This document contains the following topics

Customizing How Identity Finder Searches
Identity Finder for Mac has two main methods that can be used to search for personal information on your computer. These methods include:
  • AnyFind: The default search method. AnyFind searches your computer for sensitive information without requiring personal information to be entered.
  • Custom Types: Custom Types allows searching for an individual's personal information. For example, Identity Finder could search for a specific date of birth.

AnyFind can be enabled to search for SSNs, CCNs, passwords, bank account numbers, dates of birth, phone numbers. Information for MultiFind must be specified in Identity Finder.

To configure search settings in Identity Finder:

Launch Identity Finder from your Applications folder and follow the steps in the categories below.

AnyFind Configuration
To configure AnyFind:
  1. Open the the Preferences window by clicking the Preferences button PreferencesButton.png from Identity Finder's main window. This will open the Preferences window.
  2. Click the AnyFind button. From here you can choose options for AnyFind for various types of identity information.

Custom Types Configuration
Before you can use Custom Types, you must add items to the Include List.
  1. Open the Include List by clicking the Preferences button from Identity Finder's Main window.
  2. This will open the Preferences menu, and you can click the Custom Types button from here. You can enter specific keywords and other information you'd like to search for. When you are done entering information, click the Add button.

Searching for Additional Information
Identity Finder by default only searches for Credit Card Numbers and Social Security Numbers. You can also have Identity Finder search for additional types of information on your computer.

To search for additional information:

  1. Click the Identities tab on Identity Finder's menu bar. From here you can choose from the appropriate identities to have them searched for when Identity Finder searches.

  2. For items that can only be searched for with Custom Types, you will need to add information to search for to the Include List before you will be able to enable the item for searching. Follow the steps above.
Searching Additional Locations
By default, Identity Finder only searches your Documents folder. However, you can specify custom locations for Identity Finder to search which can include additional folders or your entire computer.

To search in additional locations:

  1. Click the Files tab from Identity Finder's menu bar, click File Locations, and click Custom.

  2. From here you can add any location on your computer to be searched, even your entire hard drive. However, the more locations you have Identity Finder search, the longer a scan will take. It can take a significant amount of time to complete a search if you scan the entire hard drive.
  3. CustomFolders.png

  4. You can choose which folders to exclude by checking Add as Exclusion box.
Searching for Additional File Types
In addition to the default file types, Identity Finder has many additional file types that you can search for. These can be specified from the File Types tab of the Preferences menu.


    Clicking the Manage button brings up the Manage Custom File Types options. From here you can choose which file types Identity Finder searches for as well as to include or exclude these file types.


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