Identity Finder - Scheduling a Scan from the Console

This document describes how to scan clients using the Enterprise Console. All documentation was performed with Identity Finder and Enterprise Console version 6.2.0. All information shown is false.

You can schedule the scanning of endpoints using Identity Finder's Enterprise console. There are a variety of options for how scans are performed.

Several topics require knowledge of using policies. For information regarding policy configuration, see the Identity Finder KnowledgeBase article Policies.

This document includes the following topics...

  • Scheduling using a System Policy
  • Scheduling using a Scheduled Task Policy

  • One way to schedule many endpoints at once is to schedule a scan by setting up a policy on the Enterprise Console. Scheduled tasks from the console do not rely on the Windows Task Scheduler or user passwords. A downside to this approach is that profile settings are not used when the endpoint is scanned (due to not using user passwords).

    If you already have a System Policy in place, you can skip to step 4. If you just want to schedule scans using specific settings see the section Scheduling a Scan using a Scheduled Task.

    To schedule a scan using the console:

    1. Login to the console and go to the Policies tab.

    2. Create a new policy using the create button from the Policy tab.

    3. Make sure the policy applies to field is set to System, add Endpoints & configure other settings to your preferences, and click Finish at the bottom. Differences between the various options of policy is described here.

    4. NOTE: Note all settings in the System Policy override those in other policies.

    5. Select Scheduled Tasks under the policy name on the left-hand side of the page.

    6. And click the Add Task button  at the top of the page.
    7. From this menu you can configure a variety of options for the task. For complete descriptions of what various options can configure, please see the Identity Finder KnowledgeBase article located here.

    8. The scheduled task will now occur on all endpoints specified in your policy. Depending on how your settings are configured, the task may run as soon as the endpoints update their policy from the console or on the next scheduled time for the task. Depending on the number of endpoints and the polling interval for the endpoint service, this could take ten minutes to an hour.

  • To schedule using a Scheduled Task policy, follow the steps above with the only change being that Scheduled Task will be chosen instead of System from the Create New Policy menu.

    > Any scheduled tasks assigned using a Scheduled Task policy will run using the settings you have specified from the  tab on the left-hand side.

  • Find the endpoint you want and choose Initiate Search from the left-click menu.

  • You can configure the search with a variety of options. These options are similar to those available when scanning using a policy. For descriptions of what various settings do, see the Identity Finder online help article here.

  • Click the Status tab at the top of the screen. Towards the bottom of the screen, open the Tasks tab. Any previously ran tasks will be shown here and you can verify that a task ran as scheduled.

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