My Scholarships@UW-Madison - Document Upload Guide for Applications and Awards

How to use the 'Document Upload' function for both application and award documents.

Uploading a File

Before completing a scholarship application or award acceptance process, you may be required to uploaded documents to Scholarships@UW-Madison.

Please read and follow the instructions in the instruction box(es).  These instructions can inform you about the type of document you will need to upload, as well as requesting a specific file format or letting you know of any other actions you must complete.

1.  To upload a document, click on ‘Browse…’ in the corresponding box.

Browse button location

2.  You will be now be able to select your document.  Click ‘Open,’ and the selected file will appear in the Upload Address Bar. 

3.  Click ‘Upload File’ to complete the document upload process.

Upload file button location

Note that in some instances files will be required to be converted to .PDF file type.  These files must be in one of the following formats to be uploaded correctly:

If your document is to be converted to .PDF format, after a short wait a preview page will load.  This page will show you a small picture of your document (note that your actual document will still be full-size).  At this point, you may click ‘Approve’ to complete the upload, or ‘Reject’ to return and upload another document instead.

4.  Once your file is uploaded, you may remove it with the 'Remove' button, and choose another file to upload instead.