Mainframe - Installing and configuring QWS3270 Secure for Windows

This document describes downloading and installing QWS3270 Secure, and configuring it for secure connection to the UW Mainframe.

Downloading the QWS3270 Secure client

  1. Visit the Campus Software Library (CSL) at:

  2. Login to the CSL via WiFed using your campus login information. For more information about logging in via WiFed, see Wisconsin Federation - Logging into an application.

  3. Once logged in, scroll down to the item name and click QWS3270 Secure v4.9 - 12MB file.

  4. A license agreement will pop up. If you agree to the terms, click OK.
  5. Click Save and save the QWS3270 Secure installer.

Installing the QWS3270 Secure client

  1. Double-click the installer you downloaded previously to begin the install process.
  2. Read and accept the license agreement and click Next.
  3. Choose to either install QWS3270 Secure for anyone on the computer (default) or only for you and click Next.
  4. Make sure that Typical Install is selected and click Next.
  5. Select English as the default language and click Next twice to start the installation.
  6. When the installation is complete, click Finish.
  7. Optional: Uninstall the old version of QWS3270 Plus using the general directions given in Windows XP - Uninstalling a Program or Windows 7 & Vista - Uninstalling a Program.

Configuring QWS3270 Secure

Note: To connect to the UW Mainframe, you must either be connecting while on your local campus' network or while using your campus' VPN client if you are located off-campus. For example, UW-Madison users connecting from off-campus would need to connect via WiscVPN before being able to connect to the mainframe.
  1. An icon for QWS3270 Secure should have been added to the desktop, and a folder called QWS3270 Secure, containing a shortcut for the QWS3270 Secure program, should have been added to the list of Programs in the Start Menu. Open QWS3270 Secure from either location.

  2. Upon first running, QWS3270 Secure will walk you through setting up a new connection using the New Session Wizard, as shown below. Press Next to continue.

    The first page of the New Session Wizard

  3. In order to connect to the mainframe, QWS3270 needs to know the address of the mainframe. You should enter for the host name, as shown below. Then press Next.

    Entering the host name in the New Session Wizard

  4. QWS3270 also needs to know the port number that it should use to communicate with the mainframe. Change this from the default to 923, as shown below.

    Entering the port number in the New Session Wizard

  5. The display size to use with QWS3270 must also be set. For the best results using IMSVS, this should be set to 24 x 80 as shown below.

    Selecting the display size in the New Session Wizard

  6. Choose a name to refer to this session and enter it in the window shown below, then click Next. This name can be anything you choose, but we have chosen "UW Mainframe" for this example.

    Choosing a session name in the New Session Wizard

  7. The final screen of the new session window should appear as shown below. Click Finish to create the new session. At this point there are still a couple of additional changes to make before you will be able to connect.

    The connection window for QWS3270

  8. Once the New Session Wizard has completed, the QWS3270 Connect window will appear as shown below. However, there are still some settings which we need to manually change by clicking on the Edit button.

    The connection window for QWS3270

  9. The Session Options window should appear. Click on Security, under Connection, in the left side menu of options as shown below.

    Editing the security options

  10. Make the following changes as shown below:

    • Check the box labeled Enable Secure Connection.
    • Select TLSv1 under SSL/TLS Protocol Version.
    • Drag the Minimum Cipher Strength slider as far to the right as possible. The final value will depend on the version of Windows you are running.
    • Uncheck all four boxes under Server Certificate Options.

    Enabling TLS encryption

  11. Click OK to apply your changes and you are ready to connect! Click the Connect option shown below to connect.

    Connecting to 3270

Note: If this is your first time connecting using the new secure client, you should change your mainframe password to ensure that it's secure. Directions for changing your password can be found at Mainframe - Changing your 3270 Password and the password rules are available at Mainframe - 3270 Password Rules. Once you've changed your password, this process is complete.

Enabling QWS3270 to automatically connect (optional)

By default, QWS3270 does not automatically connect when you open the program. You instead need to manually connect using the session you setup earlier in the process. However, it is possible to configure QWS3270 to automatically connect. You should only do this if you do not need to connect to multiple, different mainframe systems using the same program.

  1. Make sure you are disconnected from the UW Mainframe (you can click on QWS3270 and then Disconnect if necessary).

  2. Click on Options and then Session.

  3. You should then see the same session settings window you saw earlier in this process, but Host Name will be 'Specify Host Name' if the default profile is not setup. Go through setting up the session options using the directions given earlier in this document. In particular, this should match steps 9 and 10 above.

  4. Click OK once you've finished configuring the default session.

  5. Click Options and then Application.

  6. Locate Startup Options and select Auto Connect, and check the option to Disable Splash Screen as shown below.

    The Application settings window for QWS3270 Secure

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