ICTR OnCore Training Opportunities

UW ICTR requires training for users to gain access to OnCore, our centralized clinical trial management software. This page explains how to obtain access and describes training required for using the system.

General Training Information

Training for non-oncology OnCore users is now available in self-paced courses on UW's learning management system, Canvas, by invitation. These training sessions are open to all current users and all prospective new users. See below for a description of each session and the training request process.

Training Access for New Users

All new staff, please complete the OnCore New User Access Request Form: Request Access to ICTR OnCore.

This allows OnCore staff to:

Request Access to ICTR OnCore.

Training Access for Current OnCore Users

All current non-oncology (ICTR) OnCore users are welcome to take the Intro to OnCore course or the role-based training courses as review or to add to current roles. See the Courses section below for a description of each course.

If interested, please visit our OnCore Support Help Desk Portal and submit a request. Include your name and course(s) requested. If the request is for a new role, please also include your supervisor's name.

Schedule of Training Sessions

The Canvas course offerings are self-paced and are available by invitation (meaning OnCore staff trigger an invitation when you request a course rather than being able to self-enroll directly through Canvas).

If you have questions about training, the independent exercises, or any OnCore questions, you are welcome to drop in during ICTR OnCore virtual office hours via Zoom.

Upcoming Office hours:

Thursday 1:00PM - 2:00PMFriday 10:30AM - 11:30AM

September 3
September 9September 17
September 23

To attend office hours, register at  https://uwmadison.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJEtde-uqj4pGdLUPiCVwjoQY6w9OdvQDH_H
After registering, you will receive an email with a link to the Zoom session.

Links will be available through the time of each session, and the list of dates will be updated periodically.


If you have any questions regarding the training courses, please visit our OnCore Support Help Desk portal.

Course Offerings

Course TitleMaterial Covered
Introduction to ICTR OnCore
  • How  ICTR OnCore is used at UW-Madison
  • How to navigate OnCore
  • Additional information about OnCore resources
OnCore Protocol and Regulatory Coordinator Training
  • Basic protocol setup in OnCore
    • inputting general protocol information
    • documenting necessary regulatory information

  • Steps needed to move a new protocol through SMPH Review and Study Registration process to open the protocol to accrual

OnCore Financial Coordinator Training
  • Create a protocol calendar (specification) in OnCore
    • schedule visits
    • assign procedures

  • Configure basic financial parameters
    • identify cost centers
    • identify standard of care vs. research procedures

  • Create or verify a research study budget using OnCore

OnCore Study Coordinator Training
  • Register subjects
  • Schedule and document visits
  • Verify procedures conducted
  • Submit billing slips
    • ensure correct billing of research procedures

Invoicing & Milestones Training

Additional information is available for study teams who would like to use OnCore to invoice external sponsors, automatically generate invoiceable charges based on subject visits, track payments, and reconcile the research budget.
  • Users must have Financials training and access in order to utilize these features.
  • Please visit our OnCore Support Help Desk portal to inquire about training options.

Questions or Clarifications Needed Regarding ICTR OnCore Training?

Please visit the OnCore Support Help Desk portal if you have other questions.

Consider visiting us during virtual Office Hours by registering at  https://uwmadison.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJEtde-uqj4pGdLUPiCVwjoQY6w9OdvQDH_H