WiscWeb CMS - Inserting a Link to a File

This document discusses how to create and edit links in the CMS TextEditor.

WiscWeb CMS - Working with Links

TextAreas in the CMS system allow you to create links to other things. The link can be what the CMS system calls Jump Marks (in html speak 'anchors') to specific places on a page. A link might go to other pages on your site or to other pages on a completely different website. The link might be to a document that is part of your site's Assets (e.g., a pdf application form or a pdf document of a report). A link can also be the email address of some person or organization.

This document explains how to create a link in a TextArea and how to edit them after they are created.

  1. While editing a TextArea with the text editor use your mouse and select the text that you want to make a link.
  2. Click the Link button in the top menu bar.
  3. A new window appears, with tabs to choose between the types of things to which you can link as metioned above:
    • a Jump Mark link to a specific spot on the page
    • a link to another Page
    • an Asset link
    • linking to an Internet URL
    • linking to an E-mail address
  4. For our purposes in this KB, we will not illustrate all the options, choose the Asset tab and click the Select button.
  5. A new window appears, allowing you to choose whether to upload a file from your local computer, or link to an asset that is already on the CMS server. Recall that all images and documents of any kind must first be in your site's Assets before they can be used by the CMS system. In this process selecting the 'upload' option starts a series of steps to get some image/document accessible moved from your local computer into your site's Assets and where you can then link to it.
  6. Assuming that a file already exists in your Assets on the CMS server, choose Select Asset and press OK.
  7. On the following screen, select the appropriate folder (usually Documents if your site has not specified alternative locations for assets), and press OK.
  8. The following display will show Assests with options for searching and changing the folder for viewing. It allows you to choose which file to link to once you have found it.
  9. Click on the title of the file you would like to link to, and press OK (if you click on the icon the CMS system will provide a preview of the item). CMS shows the filename that will be linked to. If you would like to, you can type in a ToolTip for when users hover over the link, to give them more information. There is also a dropdown to choose the Target of an image. If you would like the file to open in a new tab or window, select _blank. Otherwise, leave it at (none).
  10. When you are finished, press OK. The text of the link in the TextEditor will now change color and will be underlined, an indication that it is a link. This TextEditor styling may look differently if your site's Style Sheets style links in some other way. The Standard Template styles links red and underlined

Having created links everywhere it is almost surely true that over time things will change--images get new names, documents get old, etc. Editing an existing link is quite easy.

  1. Open the page and TextArea that contains the link you need to modify.
  2. Right-click on the link. You'll see a pop-up menu that gives you options for modifying the link:
  3. The two of importance are Link Properties and Remove Link. The second simply removes think link (but not the text--only the link). The first allows you to edit the link itself to change it. At this point you'll see the same Insert or Edit Link window from Step 5. above.

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